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The Best Programs For Diversity: How Live Theater Training Works

13 February 2017
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Training others to have empathy for another race, creed, religion, etc., is never easy. Humans tend to view the world through their own personal experiences as the people of a certain race, culture, etc., and are not able to understand others unless they directly interact with them or enroll in programs for diversity. Some of the best programs for diversity involve live theater and interactive audience direction. Here is how these programs work. Read More …

Color Correcting with Video-Editing Software: Three Tips on How to Make the Best Use of LUTs

21 October 2016
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Raw footage never looks very appealing. Most of the professional footage you see online or on television have been edited using video-editing software. The software can color correct each scene through the use of LUTs, or Look Up Tables. LUTs are basically nothing more than mathematical sequences that are used to convert pixel data. You can either customize your own LUTs or choose pre-set ones. If you're going to be experimenting with LUTs, don't forget these three tips. Read More …

A Few Ways To Keep Boys Interested In Dance Lessons

20 October 2016
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Whether you put your son in dance classes to allow him to release some of the energy he has all day long or you are hoping to improve his coordination and flexibility for other sports, you might find it is hard to keep him interested. If your son is whining about having to go to dance class or skipping it behind your back, it might be time to look for a different studio. Read More …

Painting Over A Foam Surface

3 October 2016
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When creating a themed environment with 3D painted sculptures, an essential part of customizing these sculptures is being able to paint them. Many types of foam, such as styrofoam, have a very bland appearance that makes painting the foam essential if it will be used for decorative purposes. Only Paint Visible Surfaces The only parts of the foam that you will need to paint are those that will be visible. Therefore, if there will be interior components, do not paint them because this will increase the number of surfaces in which something can go wrong. Read More …

Winning School Art Contests: Some Tips That Might Help

30 September 2016
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If you're a student who would like to start entering your artwork in school art contests, you might be nervous about giving it a shot. Not only that, but you may think that there's nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning other than submitting a piece. However, if you use the pointers below, you can be smart about the way you handle the art contests in your school and give yourself a real chance of winning them. Read More …